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Melissa duncan


Can scar tissue in the eye cause pain?

Will my eyes get pain if there is scar tissue in my eye? What should i do to relieve this?
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  • Isabel fergus


    Scar tissue in the eyes will not cause painful sensation. But it will bring other problems such as seeing dark spot in the vision, blurred vision, double vision and even total blindness. So you should take it seriously. However, the scar tissue can be removed by some kinds of surgery. Vitrectomy is one of these surgeries, in which the microsurgical tools insert to eyes to remove the scar tissue. Membranectomy can be applied to deal with the scar tissues firmly adhering to a part of the eye. In some cases, visco-dissection that detaches the scar tissue from the healthy tissue can be used. For the condition in which the scar tissue attaches to the lenses, lensectomy is the best choice.
  • Brook Park


    In general cases, the scar tissue will not lead to any pain in the eyes except that you irritate it or get in infected. Scar tissue can come out when people get recovered from an eye infection or an eye trauma. The scar tissue is not painful, but it certainly afftects the facial appearance. To reduce the scar tissue, you can apply lavender essential oil, vitamin E or fresh sliced ginger on the scar tissue every day, and massage for a few minutes. While doing this, pay attention not to get the oil or ginger into your eyes, in case of irritating your eyes. Besides, people who get scar tissue in their eyes should do good sun screening in their daily life because the ultraviolet rays will worse the condition of the scar tissue in your eyes.