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John C.


How to treat a minor eye infection?

I suffered from a minor eye infection. Is it serious eye diseases? How can i treat it?
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  • carolynx66


    If you get the minor eye infection, you could use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to make the eyes get released. If you treat it well, it will not be the serious eye disease. You could use the warm compress by finding the clean cloth and hot water to make your eyes get comfortable. You should not smoke or drink which will stimulate your eyes.
  • Christopher dale


    Take it easy, most of eye infections can be well cured with home remedies. An eye infection is mostly caused by such micro organisms as viruses or bacteria. The common causes include trauma, eye surgery, contact lenses or diseases that make the body vulnerable to bacteria or viral infection. You can soak a clean washcloth or towel in hot water, and then squeeze the water out, and apply the warm washcloth or towel to your infected eye. Do it 3-4 times a day. Warm tea bags or aloe vera juice is helpful in reducing eye infection. Take a diet rich in vitamin A, beta carotene, antioxidant and zinc rich foods to facilitate the process of healing the eye infection. Do not rub your eyes during this period to avoid aggravating infection and wash your hands frequently. Do not wear any eye makeup or contact lenses if you did. If you feel itching and discomfort, try over-the-counter eyedrops. Wish you recover from the eye infection soon.
  • walkinpaperdoll


    Well, of course, minor eye infection can be kind of dangerous. So you need to pay more attention to it. First, you should know that minor eye infection can generally be caused by bacteria, viruses or environmental agents, such as pollens and other irritants. For the symptoms, your eyes will feel itchy, red, burred, when minor eye infection occurs. For your situation, I have to remind you that you should not rub your eyes with your finger, or it will just make your eyes suffer more serious. To treat it, you can put some tea bags on the eyes, for tea bags contain a high concentration of the chemical epigallocatechin gallate, which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that can relieve symptom. Anyway, just have a try.

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