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Jean Caster


Do guys look better with glasses?

I noticed that more and more people wear eyeglasses today even if they have perfect vision. Why? Do you guys think people look better with eyeglasses?
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  • baker


    This really a funny phenomenon, and people with perfect vision wear glasses just for fashion. Some people do look better when they wear glasses. But you should know, it all depends on the glasses. If the glasses are fashionable and they match you very well, then you'll look perfect with them. The ironic thing is that people who like wear glasses but with perfect vision, have more beautiful glasses than those who have to wear glasses.
  • Connor nelson


    Yes, a lot of people tend to wear the eyeglasses even if their eyes vision is perfect. Some of them may even wear the eyeglasses with no lenses. The eyeglasses now are regarded as the accessories to improve the looks. Men with eyeglasses will look more handsome. Thus a lot of people tend to wear the pair of the eyeglasses.
  • cha0s_engel


    It seems to me you are not sure if you are ok with glasses. As a matter of fact, it depends on a variety of factors, such as your type of person, how you dress yourself up, what you like to wear, your age, etc. Anyway, the answer lies in your heart, and you could try to wear some glasses to see if you are compatible with them and if you are more attractive or not. Sometimes life needs change and exploration.
  • yane


    It really depends on the guy. Some people look good with glasses, and some do not. But I wouldn't fret about it.