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Are safety glasses bad for your eyes?

I thought safety glasses are good to protect eyes in some special occasions. But i heard somebody talked that it is not good for eyes if wear it too long. Is that true? Why or why not?
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  • Justin williams


    As we all know, every coin has two sides, namely, the safety glasses can help you protect your eyes at some occasion. However, when you wear them for long time, then you will some side effects from the safety glasses. In other word, if you wear the safety glasses for long time, then your eyes will get used to the glasses. For example, when you do something, such as looking newspaper, with the safety glasses. I dare tell you that someday you will find that you can not see clearly without the glasses. This is so called Dependence disease. In addition, according to some people who often wear the safety glasses, but there is no certain evidence, told us that often wearing the safety glasses will cause you headache. All in all, think you can wear the safety glasses, but meantime I suggest you not wear the safety glasses for long time or frequently. Hope I helped you.
  • Sally


    Oh, i never heard about that wearing safety glasses bad for eyes. You know, safety glasses are made for people who work for in a dangerous environment. By wearing the safety glasses, they can shield the eyes from some dangerous. So, safety glasses is made to protect eyes. Nevertheless, you needn't wear the glasses all the time. If you needn't it, you shall take them off, after all, it is much more comfortable to be naked eyes than worn such "heave" glasses.
  • Werner


    Yes, though safety glasses are designed to protect eyes in some special occasion, it is not good for eyes if you wear them for a long time. Because a long time use of safety glasses can adjust your natural focal length of eyes in accordance to the focal point of glass and your eyes. Furthermore, if these safety glasses are scratched, they can do more harm to the eyes.
  • Alexa


    It is true that wearing safety glasses for a long time will be bad for the eyes because it may cause the tiredness for the eyes. However, wearing the safety glasses for the suitable time in front of the computers will be a good choice which will protect your eyes from the radiation. But you should not wear it for a long time.
  • Rebecca


    It depends on the usage. If you like hunting, yellow safety glasses are very good choices because they can filter the blue light of the sky and offer you clear vision. Also, if your work in a dark light place, yellow safety glasses are good. So, when you buy safety glasses, you shall consult the sellers and ask recommendation according your requirements.
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