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Can contacts change the shape of my eye?

Is it possible to change my eye shape from wearing contact lenses? Why or why not?
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  • Andrew bell


    Yes, it is possible for you to change the eye shape because of wearing the special contact lenses which are made with special shape. If you are not satisfied at your eye shape, you could choose to wear the contact lenses to make it. Then your eyes will look more charming and attractive. You could also choose the favored color to make your eyes look charming.
  • Cameron smith


    In general, it seems no changes of eye shape after wearing contact lenses. However, as a matter of fact, it is possible to change your eye shape more or less because of wearing contact lenses for a long time. The scientific research shows that, long-term use of contact lenses has been shown to alter the following in the cornea, epithelial oxygen uptake, epithelial thickness, stromal thickness, and corneal endothelial morphology. All of these intrinsic transformation will give rise to the change of your eye shape in the end. In addition, long-term use of contact lenses can also lead to many problems, such as dry eyes, pink eyes as well as infection and so on. Therefore, it's better for you to control the wearing time in consideration of your eyes.
  • Eric


    Ok, from what I know, wearing contact lenses would not change the shape of your eyes if you use them properly. On the contrary, some people try to wear eyeglasses for a long time and they tend to have a pair of changed eyes, which is ugly, and contact lenses could better in this case. However, contact lenses would add some health risks to your eyes because they might lead to some infections if not kept properly.