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Can i wear contact lenses during winter?

I heard somebody said that it is not good to wear contact lenses during winter. Is that true? Can i wear contact lenses during winter?
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  • Jen


    Ok, from your words, I know that you are worrying whether it would be ok to wear contact lenses during cold days. So, it is true that if we try to wear contact lenses during winter, we might have some troubles, such as dry eyes, foreign body sensation,even corneal abrasion,which is terrible. Because the humidity during winter is quite low, plus the blowing wind and the hot temperature in rooms, all make your eyes and contact lenses very dry. So, you should be very careful.
  • Marissa george


    Just feel free to wear the contacts when it is winter. I think you are afraid that your lenses will stick to your eyes, and then it is a little difficult to pick off. What I want to tell you is that your doubt is very common and ordinary because you know the air is very dry which is harmful for your eyes and contacts. If so, pls no worries, you can just take some eye drops in our pocket so that you can use some drops when you feel your eyes are dry and not comfortable.last but not the least, you should remember the tips when you wear the contacts, for example, you should not sleep with your lenses in your eyes. Also, you should make your eyes blink frequently so that they can produce enough water to make your eyeshadow stay wet and comfortable.
  • debby truax


    Well, you can wear contact lenses even if in winter. And first, you should know that there is no evidence which can show that contact lenses should not be worn in winter. And in my opinion, there is nothing to do with the season. So you do not need to worry about it. For the care of contacts, you can just console it with your doctor. Generally speaking, contact lenses should be cleaned with solution, or it will infect your eyes.