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Are ray ban sunglasses suitable for big faces ?

Can you tell me what type of face can get good look from ray ban sunglasses? I have a big face. Do ray ban sunglasses compliment me?
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    Well, yes, in my opinion, ray ban sunglasses can be nice for you, even if you have big face. Generally speaking, there is something to do with the face shape when you choose a pair of suitable sunglasses. For example, for your situation, you have a big face, so you can choose the big frame, especially the round frame, and it can be suitable for you. And in common, long face shape needs to have long frame to match it. Also, frame color should match with your skin color. Anyway, you can just go and have a try.
  • Sonya


    In my opinion, the ray ban sunglasses could be suitable to all kinds of face shape. If you have the big face, you could just choose the ray ban sunglasses with big frames to compliment you. The ray ban sunglasses are so famous at its perfect material and excellent design. You could just choose them to show the cool looks.
  • Richard


    It sounds like you are going to get yourself a pair of expensive designer sunglasses right? And I really appreciate your choice you know? Because Ray Ban is one of the best sunglasses in the world and they are very reliable. Of course since their sunglasses are especially designed for men, so you would be compatible with those sunglasses. And surely, you could get more attractive with their amazing stuff.

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