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Why does marcus jordan wear goggles?

It seems marcus jordan like goggles very much. Why?
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  • Savannah taylor


    Yes, Marcus Jordan like wearing goggles since he has poor eye site and he plays in thick black and square glasses in order to improve his vision. The goggles he wear is sports goggles and you can buy them at sporting good stores. Somebody said that the brand he wears is Oakley design. And the reason why he wears goggles is absolutely the improving his vision,
  • walkn0nsunshine


    You can find lots of professional basketball players like to wear goggles very much, because it's pretty dangerous for them to compete with others. Especially for those players with near sightedness. They can't wear glasses when they are in the game, contact lenses may also be dangerous to them. So they wear goggles with prescription which enables them stay in their good conditions. Goggles can make them more cool by present the different colors and shapes. Most importantly, goggles are all comfortable wearing. Some brands provide players free goggles as well.