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Can lazy eye come back?

I used to suffer lazy eyes when i was i child. Buy i correct it through eye patch exercises. Now. i am 24 and wear nearsighted glasses. I am worried that will the lazy eye come back?
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  • Andri


    The lazy eyes may come back if you keep bad behavior. So you'd better repeat the eye patch exercise under your doctors code. More specific will be discussed between you and your doctor, because things are different among people. Keep positive mind, the bad things may happen if you always think about them. Make a appointment with your doctor if you're really worry about that. By the way, you should keep your eyes used healthily, relax more and intake more vitamin.
  • James


    Well, I have to say that lazy eyes can come back in some degree. Generally speaking, lazy eyes are known as amblyopia. And when it occurs, one of your eyes has not developed normally and always has blurred vision. For the causes, according to some experts, lazy eyes are caused by various conditions which can prevent the brain from using both eyes together. And now, the most common way which can do a good job to lazy eyes can be the patching exercises. So you have just had a good way to prevent, and just continue it. if you have some problems about it, just go and see the eye doctors.
  • walgreensunder


    Lazy eye is also called amblyopia in another name. It refers to vision diminishing in one or two eyes. For children, lazy eyes are usually caused by squint. And maybe after years, lazy eyes come back. Why lazy eyes could re-occur to adults who had corrected their lazy eyes? It usually starts when one eye can provide a far clearer vision than the other eye. If you don't get the optometrist prescribe suitable eyeglasses, the brain will get used to the situation with one eye better than the other, and it will gradually choose to ignore the eye which is very nearsighted. If you let it go without proper treatment for months or years, the eye would be dysfunctioned finally. In this way, amblyopia becomes recurrent. I saw that you are wearing nearsighted glasses already. My suggestion is if the glasses can't provide you with clear vision, you should visit the optometrist at the earliest to avoid any chances of lazy eye coming back. Relax and keep a good habit of using eyes. Don't worry too much.