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Can eye strain cause dark circles under eyes?

Is it possible to lead to dark eye circles because of eye strain? What's their relationship?
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  • enternalhate


    Well, yes, eye strain can lead to dark circles under eyes. And, when your eyes suffer eye strain, it will just make some disorders in your eyes. And in that way, dark eyes can be caused. To treat it, you should try some ways to decrease the eye strain. For example, you can just have some eye exercises, and also do not overuse your eyes in a long time. Also, according to some experts, camellia oil is very good for the dark circles under my eyes, because of the elements in them. They are just like many other oils which are not just beneficial for the body health, but also do a good job to the dark circles under eyes. By the way, you should stay away from the stress and Caffeine. Anyway, just be careful about it.
  • jill


    Yes, it is possible to lead to dark eye circles because of eye strain. When you exhaust or overuse the muscles in your eyes you can have eye strain. One can get dark circles because of leaking red blood cells, and exhaust your eye's functions can lead to this. So do not always let your eyes be tired.
  • ellochkablecy


    There is a great possibility of black eye caused by eye strain. The skin around eyes are thin and fragile. Usually eye strain will cause dysfunction of blood circulation, and black eye occurs when blood, fluids and some black factors bursting some of your blood vessels gather in the space around the eyes. So the more you have eye strain, the severer your black eyes get. Therefore, remember to relax your eyes and do more eye exercises to stimulate blood circulation to lessen your black eyes.
  • Marissa Ramsey


    I am 56 years old and have pretty good skin except for my dark circles under my eyes. I have tried a lot in the past 3-4 years. I decided to give dermalmd anti aging serum a try due to the reviews and the price was good. I have been using it now for approximately 4-5 weeks and I really see a difference as the darkness is going away.

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