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How to relieve red eyes from smoking?

I got red eyes. My friend said it is probably caused by my heavy smoking. Can smoking cause red eyes? If so, How can i relieve my red eyes from the smoking?
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  • Logan hall


    Actually, there are many reasons that can cause red eyes. Of courses, too heavy smoking can also cause red eyes. That because too much smoking can cause slightly increase the heart rate and relieve pressure on the capillaries throughout your body. And when the relieve pressure on the capillaries in your eyes, your eyes will appear red. And you can clear your red eyes by long times of good rest. Also, you can relieve with medically help such as Visine Advanced Relief
  • Dip


    Smoking too much is bad for our health. Personally, you shall quit smoking. If you can't do it, you can insist smoking less. As for your red eyes, perhaps you can try to treat them with cold compress. It may help. Or, you shall stop smoking and have a good rest, your red eyes can clear up themselves as time goes by. Don't worry, it is not a serious diseases as long as you take care of yourself and give up smoking.