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Danielle lewis


What eyes say about a person?

Many people say that we can learn a lot about a person by looking at his or her eyes. Really? I want to know how to do this?
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  • Alissa


    I think that sometimes eyes can be a reliable indicator of one's intent, personality or character. do you know that one's crow's feet can tell us whether the person have interest, empathy and amusement to the person he or she is speaking with? Because if the smile extends over one's whole face and eye muscles will involved when people smile with warmth and genuine engagement. However, a manufactured smile will not engage the movement of eye muscles. So only the lower half of the face will involved. If a guy prefers a long-term relationship, he may have an open, normal gaze. Actually the wider-eyed look is more attractive for a wide-eyed appearance signifies youth. Blink rate can tell us whether the person is nervous or not. Look left or right are believed that the person is considering what to say. If the gaze of a person never wavers, you should probably suspect whether he or she is telling a lie, because uaually liars are tend to engage in more eye contact.
  • Marissa george


    Dilated pupils are a sign of arousal. A squint or narrowing of the eyes means disbelief or suspicion. Raise one's eyebrows means that one wants to be clearly understood. And it is a sign that the people desire to get along. The social grazing that shows comfort and not aggressive ranges from eyes to mouth. The intimate grazing ranges from eyes to mouth to lower body. The power grazing is to focus one's eyes strictly on the eyes and forehead. A sideways glance often means uncertainty, while if the person raises his or her eyebrows when doing this, it means he or she has romantic interest. Avoid eye contact often means angry with someone. Distraction and less eye contact are often used by the rich or the high status person. I also heard that if people look away from the person he or she is talking with, it means that he or she feel that they are superior to others.