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Arianna walker


what to do when eyes itch from allergies?

Please help, My eyes feel very itch that is very bothersome and painful. But my mom told me that not to rub them. What shall i do to relieve itches ?
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  • george


    There are many reasons that can cause eye allergies. To treat it, you shall know the causes. Also, your mom is right that you shall not rub your eyes even if you feel itching eyes. Or it may cause more serious damages to your eyes. Personally, you shall consult an eye doctor for medically help. Or If you have try antibiotic that may help you.
  • california_babi


    I am sorry to heard that you got itchy eyes from allergies. In common, cold compress can help the relieve itchy eyes from allergies temporarily. That is to say, you are suggested to adopt medications to treat the symptoms. And Over-the-counter eye drops and anti-histamines that can be applied to itchy eyes. If you want to cure your eyes quickly, you shall know the causes so as to apply properly eye drops for the itchy eyes.

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