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Susie Washington


How to get rid of panda eyes?

I get panda eyes today. How can i get rid of it? Any idea?
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  • Alexa


    Panda eyes or dark circles always appears at the next morning while you stay up at night. There are many problem causes panda eyes,while, the main reason is irregular life style. There are my suggestions of how to get rid of panda eyes as following: 1. Drink enough water at day time that can makes your panda eyes disappears quickly. 2. Make up should be the best choice for you if you have a date,even though make-up do not remove panda eyes completely, but it can makes you appear perfect. 3. Eye cream also can help you remove the panda eyes. 4. Do not stay up at night should be the best choice to avoid panda eyes and regular life stlye can also help you look good.
  • Paige evelyn


    Do you mean you got dark circles around your eyes? If do, as long as you reduce the dark circles, you can get rid of panda eyes. The best and quickest way is makeup that can cover your dark circles. Or you may need take some time to remove it. You can also buy some eye cream that special made for applying dark circles. Still, you can take some home remedies. For example, get enough sleep everyday. Besides, you can also take tea compress to your eyes to reduce dark circles. Hope this will work.
  • Fat


    It is so ugly to get the panda eyes. You need to do something to protect the eyes. You need to use some oil essentials to make the skin around the eyes get smooth. You could also do the warm compress which will quick your blood circulation around the eyes. This will directly help you release the panda eyes.
  • Tessence


    OK, you are really interesting. Surely, it would be awful to have a pair of panda eyes, because in that way, you start to be looking less attractive and sick. We all know how important personal image is to us right? Thus, you must fight back by getting adequate rest and make good use of your eyes, try to get more vitamins and a healthy diet and quit some bad habits.