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What contact lenses does naomi campbell wear?

Does naomi campbell wear contact lenses? What contact lenses does naomi campbell wear?
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  • califractal


    Yes, naomi campbell wears the contact lenses. She wears the hazel and grey colored contact lenses to make the eyes look beautiful. As we know, almost every star now wears the contact lenses to show the big eyes and shining eyes. The look is so amazing when they wear the contact lenses.
  • b1g_head


    Well, you should know that Naomi Campbell is the most widely known model in the world who got involved in a series of accidents. At any rate, she originally has black eyes, but she appears to be having brown or blue eyes because of colored contact lenses. We cannot see exactly which brand she chose. However, you can find an a lot of similar contact lenses like hers at every optical store.
  • Angela


    Naomi Campbell has naturally dark eyes but she weras angel series in brown. However, green and blue contact lenses are also worn by this supermodel Naomi Campbell. She likes to wear green or blue lenses over her natural dark brown eyes which enhance her apperance and the lighter color out against her dark skin and hair and makes her eyes seem huge. How beautiful they are and you can't help notive them at first sight. I recommand you a hot site that contains much information about super stars' eye color and which brand of contact lenses they wear, that is