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Anthony cecil


Can eyeliner cause blindness?

Is it possible to get some eye problems even blindness by using eyeliner? It sounds crazy. But i just hears somebody talked about it.
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  • chicomm


    It is possible to get some eye problems even cause blindness by using eyeliner. Eyeliner contains many different chemical compositions which is harmful to our skins and eyes. If you don't clear it at night, you may get some eye problems. You may be blindness if the habit keeps several years.
  • Austin gerard


    LOL. I think you should not believe some of what you hear. You can think like this way, if the eyeliner will cause the blindness, how the eyeliner could will be so popular on the market all over the world. Nevertheless, because there are some chemical in the eyeliner, which has a little bad effect on our eyes and health, we should use the eyeliner carefully and properly. As we all know, some people will make the eyeliner last long time, even many years. If you are one of them, I want to tell you that even though you will not be blind because of the eyeliner; your eyes will get infected in some day. As usual, you should clear and wash up your eyeliner everyday, and if you want put on them the next day, you can just make it when you need because it will not cost you much time. Hope my ideas and suggestion can solve your question and help you.
  • enycelilmamii


    The truth is yes, it seems beyond belief but possible. As we all know that eyeliners are made of chemicals, particularly for some of low quality, which contains many impurity substances that stimulate the corneal and let the eyes get the inflammation. While using your hands to rub your eyes, they can make your eyes be in the risk of infection. Redness, itching, irritation as well as allergy are probable symptom. And finally, even give rise to a blindness. Neverthless, there are still some ways to protect. Try not to use eyeliner everyday to the best of your ability, if necessary, use one of high quality. Besides, pay attention to your personal hygiene and make sure your eyeliner clean. Last and the most significant, stop using it at once as you feel quite uncomfortable and go to the hospital as far as possible.