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Does vaseline help dry eyes?

Can i use vaseline to help dry eyes? Does it work?
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  • anon


    I have been to over 10 opthamologists with little results in helping my dry eyes. I've had the punctal plugs put in (they eventually pop out generally with a really bad cold). I have even surgery to close both lower tear ducts and they have reopened over time. My worst experience was having restasis proscribed for a bacteria infection. That left me with a scar at about 2 o'clock on my left eye. My experience with ophthalmologist has been bad. I realized several years later that the restasis incident was probably malpractice. The other doctors have left me with the feeling that there is money to be made in prolonging the problem (i.e. take this for two weeks if that doesn't work come see me I will give you something else that doesn't work and then come see me again in two weeks and we will continue this cycle forever - I make money and you continue to hurt).

    I use to drive long distances on the weekends. The dry eyes would get me, the scar would start getting sticky and hurting, I would have tears that would burn the skin around my eyes and cheeks. One day before my 6 hour trip home I decided to put Vaseline on the skin around my eyes to take care of the burning on my cheeks. 2 hours into my trip I realized that my skin was not burning, my eyes were not dry, and the scar was not bothering me. I was in shock. It was such a simple remedy. I've used it as a treatment for my severe dry eyes for at least 5 years now. It is not perfect - it doesn't always work instantly but it has been the best treatment I have found for severe dry eyes. I use the Vaseline, put on the skin around the corners of my eyes, and I use Refresh Optive as a lubricating eye drop. The Optive has glycerin and it is the only eye drop with any lasting power for me. I also make sure I get 8 hours of sleep a night. I need that for my eyes to recover from one day to the next. If I don't get enough sleep I feel it in the eyes the next day. To my great pleasure I have been able to avoid going back to an ophthalmologist.
  • Cameron


    Well, yes, Vaseline can help to treat dry eyes. According to some experts, Vaseline contains vitamin E and C, so by using it in a long time, it can just do a help to your dry eyes. Besides, when you suffer dry eyes, you need to drink more water and have some eye drops to treat your symptoms. And dry eyes can be caused by eye irritants, so you should not touch your eyes with your unclean hands. Just wear eye patch to protect your eyes.
  • cruelladeville0


    No. As far as i know, vaseline is a mixture mineral oils, paraffin and microcrystalline waxes. And the vaseline is very effective to help people with dry or chapped skin. By using it, it can soften skin and help them absorb well. But i never heard that vaseline can help dry eyes. So, if you suffer dry eyes, you'd better not use vaseline unless the doctor told you. In fact, you can buy some eye drops which can help you help you reduce dry eyes.
  • b1wdancer23


    Yes, you could use the vaseline to help your dry eyes. The vaseline could moisture the skin which is known to most people. Vaseline is such a good thing which could make your skin or eyes get moisture because of the good function. If you get the dry eyes, you could also use the eye drops besides the vaseline to moisture your eyes. You could also eat more food with vitamin C to get the eyes become bright.
  • Steve


    Well, it seems that you have got some troubles with your eyes. Anyway , though vaseline is a kind of good product, which could help with a lot of your skin problems, but since they are to be used on your skin, so it would be wise for you not to put it on your eyes, that is dangerous and may give rise to some unexpected consequences. You might as well try to get some eye drops and a healthy diet to cope with your trouble.