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What is the most common infection after corneal transplant?

I heard that it is easy to get eye infection due to corneal transplant. So, can you tell me what is the most common infection that i may suffer? How can i prevent it?
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  • Aaron


    Well, generally speaking, the cornea is the tissue on the very front of the eye. It is clear and covers the iris and pupil. You should know that if the cornea becomes opaque, vision is compromised. At this moment, a corneal transplant is considered. Through corneal transplant, it involves the removal of the damaged tissue and replacement with a healthy, donated human cornea. But on the other hand, you may suffer eye infection because of rejection, and then it will lead to bleeding, swelling or detachment of the retina, or glaucoma. so just be careful.
  • Karin


    Yes, it is easy to get eye infection because of corneal transplant. There are many side effects for you. Your eyes may get red easily. The most common infection is on the corneal part. You could protect the eyes carefully after the corneal transplant. You could just drink more water and have the good rest for the eyes.
  • Justin williams


    Infection is a possible side effect from corneal transplant. Cornea is a transparent dome-shaped protective covering on eyeball, so it has no blood vessels on cornea. Cornea is full of nerve ends, which make itself extremely sensitive. Because there is no blood vessels on cornea, so this grafting is highly successful that rejection is rare cases. But because of no blood vessels, the wound grows very slow on cornea. This opening wound makes it very easy to get infected. Any bacteria or virus or microorganism will make your cornea infected. It is hard to say which infection is more common. To prevent infection is easy. You doctor will prescribe you some antibiotics prophlaxis. Infections occur but rare as long as if you take medications as doctor prescribed and take good care of your eyes until they are completely healed up.