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EDGAR Schneider


Can ear infection cause swelling eye?

It is really boring that i suffer from ear infection. And also, i see my eyes swollen. Can ear infection cause swelling eye?
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  • Noah james


    Well as far as I know, according to experts, it is possible that ear infection could give rise to a series of symptoms including swelling eyes. This is due to the fact that every part of our body is interconnected to one another. However, there might be other causes for your swelling eyes which you should not ignore. So, my advice for you is to consult a doctor and do not jump to conclusions.
  • Adam


    Yes, the infected eyes have weak immune system which will cause the eyes surrounding parts to get the effect. Thus it is possible for the infected eyes to cause the swelling eyes. You should use the eye drops to get rid of the inflammation in the eyes. Then you could also use the warm cloth to cover on the eyes to increase the blood circulation which may reduce the swelling eyes.
  • Brandon cook


    Well, yes, ear infection can lead to swelling eyes. We all know that ear infection can cause eye infection, and also can lead to pink eyes. So when your eyes get infected, it is easy to have swelling eyes, if you do not take some measures to heal it. For your situation, I will suggest you put some cool teabags on your eyes, and compress them carefully. Do this many times in a day, and then it can be good. Also, an ear infection can spread to the eyes and cause conjunctivitis, and eye infection. When you have eye infection, your eyes can be itchy, red, and pink. At this moment, you should be careful about it.

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