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Gabriella rupert


What are the best supplements for twitching eye?

In recent days, my eyes are always twitching. Can you tell me some good supplements that can help twitching eye? Thanks
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  • walkaboutpnw


    Eye twitching could be seen as a sign of health problems, such as epilepsy, or overworking, or just some infections with your eyes. So once got it, you should try to figure out what led to your problem and take follow up steps to conquer the problem in time. It might be resulted from a lack of vitamins, especially vitamin B and A, so you have to get some vitamin pills. Try to get a balanced diet .
  • crazyforluke


    Your twitching eyes may be caused by the eyes infection or the too much time in front of the computers and tvs. You could use some eye drops to release the symptom. You could also find the warm water and cloth to do the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable. You could do this in the easy way.
  • ctc_youth


    Well, generally speaking, eye twitching is related to subtle or strong uncontrollable movement of the eyelid muscles. And it can occur on the upper or lower eyelid. According to some experts, when it occurs, it may cause sensitivity to light, blurred vision. To treat it, there are some good supplements you can just have a try. For example, halibut, green vegetables, nuts and unrefined grains can be good. Also, sweet potatoes, beets and yogurt which are rich in potassium can be used too. By the way, shellfish, liver, lentils, potatoes and bananas are good too. just have a try.

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