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Can acupuncture help under eye circles?

I heard that acupuncture is a good treatment for many diseases. So, i just wonder if acupuncture helps reduce dark circles under eyes.
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  • Vanessa george


    Well, yes, it can help to reduce dark circles under your eyes. In common, there are some illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease can be revealed in the eyes. Also, glaucoma, optic neuritis or vision loss is often associated with systemic health problems. At this moment, you can just treat them with acupuncture. Also, it can be helpful for dark circles. By the way, you should know that dark circles are caused by hereditary factors that encourage weakening of capillaries on skin around your eyes. Besides, factors like skin tone and transparency level of the skin make dark circles appear even darker. Anemia, old age, stress, fatigue, poor circulation and lack of sleep also contribute in causing dark circles. So just be careful about them.
  • Caleb murphy


    It is true that acupuncture therapy would help with your dark circles because it could make those points and blood circulation function as usual, thus help remove those circles. However, you also have to care about your living habits and try to pay attention to your diet and rest.
  • Andrea


    Yes, the acupuncture is such a good way to help the body health including your eyes. When you get the dark circles under eyes, you may have the problems in getting the good sleep. You may get the bad blood circulation in the whole body. You should use the acupuncture to quick your blood circulation around the eyes. Your eyes nerves will be relaxed. You could also get the relax at the eyes. You could also use some oil essentials around the eyes parts which will make your recovery of the dark circles under eyes quickly. You could have a try. You should also need to have the good sleep which provides the good rest for your eyes. That is so important to reduce your dark circles under the eyes.

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