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Randa Fritch


Can computers cause obesity?

I heard that using computer too much can lead to obesity? Is that true?
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  • enycelilmamii


    Absolutely, using computer too much can lead to obesity. From some studies of Japanese experts, says eyes fatigue will lead to the lower part of the body become obesity. When people staring at the computer for a long time, the vagus nerve of the brain will keep in the level of excitatory states, thus this states will lead to the unbalance of autonomic nerves, the circulation system of human body and metabolism abilities will descend to cause the edema, fat deposits and obesity of the lower part of the body. However, the eyes fatigue would be the factor which reduce the obesity but not the Not determining factor or inevitable factors. In my personal opinion, when you use so much time to facing the computer of stand still condition of your body, it will definitely decrease the sports time in your whole day. That will be a big reason of the obesity. My opinion is just for your reference.
  • Jade scott


    Yes, it is true that using computers too much will cause your obesity. We know that using the computers too much will be bad for your eyes which will affect your eyes vision. However, your blood circulation will be decreased. In addition, your fat will be sediment if you don't move a lot. In a word, playing computers for a long time is not good for your health. You should take this serious.


    Well, maybe yes, using too much computer can lead to obesity. Long before, I also have heard this kind of saying. For the reasons, there are also many kinds of complications. According to some experts, they say that when you sit at the computer, it will just make you focus on the computer. And then in that way, it will just increase the appetites when you are eating. You will eat more, but on the other hand, you do not have exercises. In a long time, you will be fat. Anyway, you can just go and console it with doctor.