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Faith cook


Does computer cause myopia?

I need computer to work. And in recent day, I feel my vision become poorer. My firend siad it may be myopia. So, can using too much computer cause myopia?
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  • Logan quick


    I am not sure whether it is myopia or not. Long term of working in front of a computer would cause eye strain, leading to blurry vision. At this stage, the blurry vision could be improved by frequent breaks, eye exercises and eye massage. Good habit of using eyes can prevent eye strain and blurry vision effectively. But as to myopia, it is a refractive error that light focuses in front of the rear of eyes.It is more related to genes because research shows that parents with refractive problems are more likely to have a child with the similar problems. However bad habit of using eyes might accelerate the development of refractive problems,like reading in dim circumstances or prolonged working time of eyes. Too much computer using is definitely bad for vision. If you could, you'd better take frequent breaks to relax the muscles and lenses. Eye massages promote the blood circulation and nourish the cells. If it is really myopia, you should go to optometrist to have a suitable pair of glasses prescribed.
  • andrew


    Myopia has commonly known as being nearsightedness and shortsightedness. Myopia presents with blurry distance vision, but generally gives good near vision. In high myopia, even near vision is affected as objects must be extremely close to the eyes to see clearly, and patients cannot read without their glasses prescribed for distance. Myopia usually caused by bad reading habits. For instance, you read too much or read under dim light, your eyes are easy to be hurt because you need to concentrate to books and keep much focus in eyes than daytime. If you staring computer screen in a long time, UV lights can hurt the back of your eyes, then the normal lights are not easy to be received. That is, computer screen will produce UV lights, you need to prevent them just like miners must wear special eyeglasses to prevent UV lights. So you should arrange proper time to play computer.