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Can rabbits give you pink eye?

Can I get pink eyes from staring ast a rabbits? If so, how can I prevent it?
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  • eomer_byrom


    Staring at a rabbit would not give you the pink eye. Rabbits have red eyes, but it won't cause the redness of your eyes. First of all, the color of iris is determined by the quantities and sorts of pigmentation in eyes. It is decided by more than one gene. Secondly, pink eye is the so called conjunctivitis, which refers to inflammation caused by bacterial or viral infection or allergic reaction. Only a staring at a rabbit won't cause pink eye. But if you are allergic to the dander, the allergen might cause pink eye, with symptoms like watery eyes, grittiness, photopobia and pain in eyes. If your pink eye is really caused by the allergy, the first thing is that you should get away from the allergen at once. Flush eyes with water to wash dusts and allergens out. Alway avoid touch any pets. Use an air purifier if possible.
  • Isabelle


    It is possible for rabbits to cause pink eye. Conjunctivitis, better known as pink eye, is caused by infections. Injury, bacteria,virtus and germs are all causes of pink eye. Many animals are sources of allergies, such as cats, dogs, rabbits. We have learned about that allergies is easy to cause infection. Rabbits are one of sources that causes allergies. Obviously, rabbits will lead to pink eye. Rabbits, just like cats and dogs, which also have many dust, bacteria, virtue and germs. All of them are spreading in air every minute. You need to pay attention to your health. After you play with your rabbits, please wash your hands with hot water. And do not touch your eyes and face with your hands at that moment. If you have something wrong with your eyes already, stay away from your lovely rabbits. Plus, don't consider that your rabbits will so clean after taking shower. Bacteria and virtus are still here.
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