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Can a dog give you pink eye?

Is it possible to get pink eyes from a dog? Why?
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  • confused_withac


    I think it is possible although it sounds weird. As to pink eye, it is the bacterial or viral infection or allergic reaction. It cause watery eyes, redness and dryness of eyes, swelling eyelids, blurry vision, strong foreign body sensation and increased sensitivity to light. Some people might be allergic to the pets' dander so that it causes allergic reaction, the similar symptoms to other two kinds of conjunctivitis. If you are sure that your pink eye is caused by the dog dander, you should avoid close contact with pets. As to allergic conjunctivitis, it goes fast if you get away from the allergens. If the symptoms persist, then you should go to hospital to find out the underlying roots.
  • b1ggy_13


    There is no doubt that a dog causes pink eye. As we all known, pink eye are most commonly due to virtue and bacteria. Dog is the source of allergies. While allergies is one of causes that leads to pink eye. Everyday dog will run out and palay with other dogs. They always eat something dirty and jump into dirty water on the way. All these have so many dust, germs and virus. Although you have wash dog, louse and germs will not be wiped away thoroughly. Then during your washing, the dirty things live in your skin. At this time, you cannot rub or scratch your eyes with hands, or you have risk of suffering pink eye. Usually, do not always hug you dog. Virus and bacteria are hardly to be seen through our eyes. They commonly spread in air. If you have already felt eye pain and begun to occur redness, drop some special drops under the instruction of a doctor and stay at home instead of going out.

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