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What should i do about hollow eyes after blepharoplasty?

I got hollow eyes since i took a blepharoplasty. Can you tell me what should i do now? Any treatments can help me?
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  • Noah


    It is so bad that you get the hollow eyes since you get the blepharoplasty. You could use some home remedies to see whether they have the effect, like the warm compress. However, I strongly suggest you to go to the hospital to take the treatment as soon as possible because the hollow eyes are not good to look.
  • walkingtragd


    It is bad yet common to have hollow eyes after blepharoplasty. Many people complained that after the blepharoplasty, their eyes seemed sunken. Blepharoplasty removes extra fat in eyelids so that the eyes looked bigger and starring. However, it is unfortunately that how much fat to be removed is suitable, which remains a big headache for many surgeons. Taking out too much fat will lead to hollow eyes. It is a bad situation and no other proper treatment but the second surgery. Because too much fat was taken out, so you need to graft some fat to fill in or inject some fat. But fat injection is more visible than grafting. You should wait at least 6months until your incisions are completely healed, and then go to visit some experienced plastic surgeon who knows exactly what to do to correct the hollow eyes. Don't make decision to take any cosmetic surgery in a rash, because any cosmetic surgery has risks to some extent.
  • evilbethygirl


    All right, looks like some side effects of the blepharoplasty surgery has been emerged. Anyway, as you can see, those surgeries are supposed to be a double edged blade, which would give rise to some bad consequences on your eye health. For now, you should try not to use drugs unless the doctor orders, and you must make proper and healthy use of your eyes to prevent any more worse cases from happening.