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What kind of sunglasses did jackie o wear?

Do yo guys know about jackie o? I like his sunglasses, it's cool. Does anyone know what kind of sunglasses he wears?
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  • evrydyisystrdy


    Some people say it is oversized sunglasses. Still some people said it is big sunglasses. Anyway, from his image, you can see, most of her sunglasses are made in big square shape. If you want to look like her, just buy yourself a pair such sunglasses. Of course, you shall consider your face shape. Just not choose the same shape of sunglasses as your face shape. Good luck.
  • Jordyn carter


    Jackie O has a special favor on sunglasses. Oversize sunglasses became her signature look. Then it started a fashion trend dubbed the "Jackie O" style. The original Nina Ricci 3203 sunglasses were worn by Jackie O. The sunglasses were oversize square-shaped with a brown-and-tan plastic frame. It is designed and manufactured in France by the L'Amy Company for designer Nina Ricci. Then a copy of the original Nina Ricci sunglasses debuted in 2010 and it is called the Jackie "O" line which offered six colors.
  • b2sweet16


    Yes of course she is one of the most renowned stars in England. And the type of sunglasses she used to wear are called round shaped glasses. I think that kind of sunglasses are awesome because by wearing them, she could be able to be more charming. If you are really interested in that, I recommend that you should visit some websites about glasses to find them out. should not be hard.
  • Rick Johnson


    Oversize sunglasses became her signature look and started a fashion trend dubbed the "Jackie O" style.Those sunglasses were created by several world-famous designers. The typical styles are Nina Ricci 3203, Francois Pinton Spa 2,Traction P711 and so on.The original Nina Ricci 3203 sunglasses were worn by Jackie O. in 1978 .