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Kevin lee


Can wearing glasses cause a bump on my nose?

I have myopia. And the eye doctor suggested me wear eyeglasses. I am worried about it. Will wearing eyeglasses causes a bump on my nose? How to avoid it?
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  • Shiori


    I wouldn't deal with glasses that rest on the nose if I was you. It's pointless to risk getting a bump. They make glasses that rest on the cheek that are better
  • cazzeh


    Long time of wearing the eyeglasses will possibly leave the bump on the nose. However, it is because of the wrong position of the nose pad of the eyeglasses. When the eyeglasses are worn for a long time, the frame will become loose which may cause the eyeglasses down a little. With no right position, the nose pad will absolutely leave the prints on the nose. This point should be noticed. In addition, if you want to avoid the bump on the nose, you can also try to wear the contact lenses. Or you change to wear between the contact lenses and the eyeglasses. This can also be helpful.
  • ccrazybeautyful


    Yes, wearing glasses can cause a bump on my nose. There can be many reasons which can make that situation, for example, it could be due to the fact that you have very heavy spectacles sitting on your nose. In this case a new design or wearing contact lenses may help. However, over the years the skin on your nose has got thinner as it is has been pulled by your glasses and revealed an underlying bump on your nose. So in this situation, I suggest you should have an exam and take an eye surgery.
  • Johnny W.


    Yes, it is possible to cause bump on nose. This is a common phenomenon for most of people. If you have heave myopia or other vision problems, your eyeglasses likely get thick lenses, which will add the weight of your eyeglasses. So,wearing it will cause a bump om your nose. Besides, even if you wearing light weight eyeglasses, long time wearing can also cause a bump on my nose.

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