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Why does aiden o brien always wear sunglasses?

I found that aiden o brien always wears black sunglasses. Why? Do you think he is cool in that sunglasses?
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  • Richard


    OK, it seems that you are quite interested in aiden o brien , who is one of those most promising football stars in England. As far as I can see, he would like to wear sunglasses of the football pitch, which could make him appear to be awesome, handsome, and amazing, it also helps them not to be recognized in public places, private issue huh? Anyway, that is cool for him, and you could see lots of those black sunglasses at Walmart online store.
  • rommel abad


    Personally, it may be for cool look. But also, since he is a horse racing trainer, wearing sunglasses outside can shield his eyes from strong sunshine and protect his eyes from UV rays. Anyway, i think,maybe he can get comfortable vision when i work outside. But from his appearances, it is insanely great when he wear sunglasses, just as cool as someone in a movie.
  • arnold


    I also find that aiden o brien always wears black sunglasses. I think he is just for the cool look. The sunglasses can be regarded to protect the eyes from the uv rays and some strong lights. The sunglasses could also be regarded as the accessories to improve the beauty. If you want to be cool at the appearance, you could also wear the pair of sunglasses.

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