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Can double vision be corrected with surgery?

Can surgery work on people with double vision? I am always troubled by double vision. Can surgery help me from that?
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  • Alexa murphy


    Double vision is also known as diplopia which is caused by an imbalance of the eye muscles, will only give rise to double images when both eyes are open. It can occur at any age and may not have any obvious cause in some cases. If you feel headache at most time, that will cause double vision. In fact, you should not worry about it in the beginning, it may be treated by some natural ways, such as do some eye exercises, keep away from your computer and so on. Do some surgery is necessary for the serious condition. But this must be looked after in hospital. Immediate relief from the uncomfortable experience of double vision can be achieved by covering one eye. This is usually a very short-term solution. Here, I want to say, you must wear glasses even if you do not wear it usually. And you need to go to see your doctor again after you accepted surgery 12 weeks. That will make your eye surgery more effectivity and make your eyes become good in a short time. Best wishes.
  • cabanaboy01


    Double vision can be caused by many medical condition and eye problems. To teat it, you shall know what causes it. You'd better get an eye check by a doctor. Usually, astigmatism and cataracts are the most common reason for double vision, And double vision can be managed by using eyeglasses with prism lenses. If your double vision caused by squint, you can take a surgery on your eye muscles to help you. But it is also risks.
  • Nicholas campbell


    Yes, you could get the surgery to treat your double vision. However you may take the side effects into consideration. You should protect the eyes carefully after the surgery. You should have the good rest for the eyes, not sitting in front of the computers for a long time. You should also eat more food with vitamin C to moisture your eyes. In a word, you need to take care of your eyes after the surgery which will be so beneficial for your recovery of the double vision.
  • William


    There are different causes for double vision, such as cornea problems, lens problems, muscle problems and some other problems. To seek treatment, you need to identify the cause for your double vision. In some cases, double vision can be reversed by managing or correcting its cause. Medicine and surgery can help you get rid of double vision too. Wearing an eye patch or special contact lens can help reduce the effect of double vision. In a word, you need to find out the cause of your double vision then make the decision whether you need a surgery or other curing means.

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