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Dawn C.


Can sunglasses cause breakouts?

I bought a pair of sunglasses not long ago. But after worn it for about two days, my skin comes some breakouts on the side of my eyes. Is this a sign that i am allergic to the sunglasses? How can sunglasses cause breakout?
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  • Robert


    The tricky part about acne is that the problem can actually become worse if you overmedicate. Clean the plastic bridges with rubbing alcohol every morning and night to kill the bacteria. Lemon juice also dries up pimples and kills any bacteria in the infection. The blood vessels can be hurt by too much burden and some skin are also allergic to plastic frames.
  • walgreensunder


    Well, looks like there is something wrong with your sunglasses and your skin. Generally speaking, it would be absolutely ok for anyone of us to wear sunglasses, no matter their material. But sometimes there would be cases that prove allergic reactions to people who wear sunglasses, for example, some people would feel bad with a pair of plastic sunglasses, etc. So if you find anything unusual, try to stop wearing them and figure out where went wrong, it is just because of your skin problem.