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Justin williams


Can wearing sunglasses cause depression?

I like wear sunglasses especially in sunny day. But one of my friend told me that lacking of natural sunlight to the eyes will cause mental problems. Is this true? Will it cause depression?
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  • Alissa


    It depends on the frequency and time. I haven't heared of any mental problems that are caused by wearing sunglasses. However, wearing sunglasses too often and for too long will cause some vision problems and eye problems. Firstly, after wearing the sunglasses, the contrast ratio of different things are lower. To see things clearly, people will look things hard. Eyes will be tired quickly. Gradually, the eyesight will be worse. Secondly, ultraviolet rays are to be absorbed first then, they can be sent out. As a result, pupilla would be under the circumstance of much light first and then darker later. That's why some people feel uncomfortable as they wear sunglasses. Many patients have vision problems because they wear sunglasses for 6-8 hours a day and they even don't take off sunglasses when they are in houses. As for your situation, you seem not to wear sunglasses too often, I think if you can control your time for wearing sunglasses, it won't be a big deal.
  • Downeast


    Sunglasses can protect my eyes from intensive sunlight especially in summer. However, we shall not always wear sunglasses. For example, in some low lighting condition, wearing sunglasses can prevent lots of sunlight to our eyes and make us try hard to focus things. That can make our eyes get tired easily. In fact, a certain part sunlight are needed for our eyes to focus something. So, always wearing sunglasses at any time and any place is bad for our eyes. However, this is none business of our moods. And there is no proves that wearing sunglasses can cause depression.
  • chrissyonline


    Well, it is true. People who are not like to talk with others and keep privacy too much are easy to get depression. Sunglasses can enhance your outlook indeed, however, it also has some bad effects. Sun lights do good to our skin and mood. So you can wear sunglasses in proper time. Keep good mood can let you own a nice life.
  • emmie18


    Not exactly. That wearing sunglasses can cause depression resulting from lack of exposure to sunlight is a pure cock-and-bull story. You wear sunglasses in sunny day just as normal as others people do. There is nothing wrong or harmful about it. Instead, wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays and glare. What's more, there are a galaxy of sunglasses with different shapes, colors and textures that will light up your face as well as your mood. When the sun is not that strong, you can take off your sunglasses and bask your eyes in the pleasant sunlight. Just relax, wear sunglasses as much as you want. It won't hurt a bit, not to mention the cause of depression.
  • Rebecca


    Generally, the sunny day should wear sunglasses, suitable darkness lenses will provide a perfect vision. but lens are too dark or lighting are not enough, sunglasses will cause your vision worse, may feel discomfort too.
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