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Jada shelley


Can acupuncture lower eye pressure?

I heard that acupuncture is a good treatment for many diseases. So, can acupuncture help people lower eye pressure?
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  • Sara nelson


    Yes, acupuncture is a popular therapy for various disease in traditional chinese medicine. It works by pointing the silver needle into certain points of body. It believes that there is energy travelling through all body to keep health and vitality. Once this travelling path is blocked, people would get disease, such as pain, swelling or other disorders. Acupuncture could help break the blockage and get the balance of Yin and Yang to achieve health. It has been taken as treatment for various disease and it works. It is effective way to treat glaucoma which is caused by increased intraocular pressure. You can have a try, but only experienced doctors are reliable. The best luck of you.
  • Luthy


    Eye contains fluid, and the eye continuously drains and replenishes this fluid, however, if the fluid fails to drain as fast as new fluid enters the eye, the eye pressure increases. Gradually, the pressure will damage your eyes to lead to a serious glaucoma. During the course, you should take actions to prevent this condition, or it will be more serious. For the treatment, natural ways to cure is the first to considered. Acupuncture is the good way. To explore the mechanism of acupuncture on the treatment of glaucoma so as to find out a kind of simple and effect approach to control and stabilize intraocular pressure of patients with glaucoma. Observed separately in 24 hours. After acupuncture, intraocular pressure at each time point reduced as compared with that before acupuncture. We can safely conclude that acupuncture is a good treatment for helping people lower eye pressure. You could have a try with the doctor help.
  • evelyn


    Generally speaking, acupuncture is helpful to many diseases. Acupuncture can help people lower eye pressure, but the effect is not that obvious, and it will take a long time to see the effect. At the same time, inappropriate operation may cause some side effects.