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Susan Wright


Can coughing cause double vision?

I am not sure about this. But I really think that coughing can cause double vision. Each time when I cough badly, I feel that I couldn' t see thing clearly.
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  • hill


    Well, generally speaking, yes, coughing can just lead to double vision. And first, you should know that double vision in the setting of coughing can be caused by excessive tearing. And according to some experts, the mechanism of throat irritation will lead to excessive coughing. In that way, it will just cause a number of additional effects, including causing the production of excess tears and mucus. Because of that, of course, it can affect your eyes, leading to double vision. For double vision, it is a condition in which, whenever you look at any object, you see its two images rather than one. And when it occurs, it can be kind of dangerous.
  • eatmyhartout


    Generally speaking, coughing would not be able to cause double vision. But when people are having severe coughing, the pressure inside the blood vessels of the eyes will increase, and then the blood vessels will accordingly get hemangiectasis, which can leads to eye congestion. That is why you will feel that you could not see things clearly when you are coughing. If you feel uncomfortable and there comes along the symptoms of swelling eyes, you had better go to the doctor's for an examination to see whether there is any condition of infection or hyperplasia in your eyes.