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Can drinking more water help dry eyes?

Is it help my dry eyes if i drinking more water on purpose? Why or why not?
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  • eddy


    Drinking the suitable amount of water may be good for your dry eyes. However, drinking much water doesn't work. Your dry eyes should be reduced by eating more food with vitamin C and having the good rest. You should take care of the eyes very much. Or else, the dry eyes may cause other eyes infection and eyes problems.
  • Shirley


    Ok, it seems that you have got dry eyes, which might be quite serious sometimes. It could be resulted from overworking, bad use of your eyes, infections, etc. So, drinking could slightly relieve your symptoms. But it would not result in moist eyes, which could not cure your dry eyes, so it would be wise for you to get some medical treatment in time, get some eye drops such as artificial tears, and pay attention to your rest and diet. Just consult a doctor if necessary.
  • clarinetbandguy


    Usually, this dry eyes symptom has been caused by excessive eyes using. The decrease of blink times will cause lack of tear hyposecretion that lead to dry eyes and visual fatigue. Water drink is good for your health actually, but it has nothing relative to the dry eyes. The artificial tears can relief the dry eyes and you would better have a good rest after that. Help yourself to have a distant view every two hours for 10min. But which food would be suitable for you to get rid of dry eyes? Some supplement or fruits which full of Vitamin A & B, and carotene. They are the necessary nutrients which would protect your eyes everyday. Carrot, Chrysanthemum tea, sesame, bean, milk and wheat germ are all the great choice for you. At the meantime, eyes massage will bring more comfort to your eyes.