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What do eye halos look like?

I heard my colleagues talk about eye halos. Can you tell me what do eye halos look like? Is it a serious vision problems?
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  • Joseph campbell


    Well, you should know that it is possible to have halos in people's eyes. And first, if the pupil is dilating to a size larger than the treatment zone, it can lead to halos. And at that moment, your pupils will look bigger that normal. At this moment, there are no other home remedies you can try. And what you need do is to go and see the eye doctor, and then you can take some medical cares. By the way, the corneal flap does not adhere properly after surgery, the halos can occur.
  • croatia_diary


    The eye halo is such a serious vision problem. The white parts in the eyes take big room. You will see the things in double vision under the lights. You'd better treat it as soon as possible with the medical care. You could use the eye drops to get rid of the invisible bacterium in the eyes.
  • hill


    Eye halos means you see some light circles around the light source, while actually this kind of light circles doesn't exist. I saw this kind of halo in night, which definitely impacts my night vision. If I can provide you a picture, you would understand this vision better. Yet I can't, so you have to imagine or search on internet. You can find out this kind of pictures. With halos, you would feel your vision is blurred. Halo occurs when the circumstances you were in is very dim or dark. It can also be some indications of eye conditions, for example, cataracts, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or some temporary side effects from PRK or Lasik surgery. If it indicates the possibility of cataracts, people should visit your ophthalmologist at the earliest.

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