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Does drinking water help with under eye bags?

Can drinking water help release the eye bags under eyes? Or how can i remove my eye bags under eyes?
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  • b2sweet16


    As a matter of fact, drinking water can effectively help release the eye bags. There are many of reasons that can cause eye bags such as longtime seeing computer, having hard work and lacking of sleep and genetic etc. But the essential reason is the unhealthy blood circulation. The blood stagnation that causes the toxin precipitation under the eye skins, which is how the eye bags come out. And drinking water will exactly help the body flush out toxins to decrease the appearance of eye bags. In addition, massages is also a useful way. Put your finger on your cheekbone, you may feel there is a little tiny hollow on each side. Use your finger to press there in beat for a few minutes. Do it every day and you will see changes.
  • chopperkriss


    Drinking some suitable amount of water will help release the eye bags under your eyes. However drinking too much water will cause your swollen eyes. There are many ways for you to remove the eye bags under your eyes. You could add the tea into the water which will release the symptom of eye bags to some degree. You could also use some oil essentials to make your eye bags release for a little.
  • copyofme


    Ok, it seems that your eyes have got some problems. So, it is true that eye bags could greatly affect your looks and confidence. As far as I know, those eye bags have got something to do with ageing, and a lack of attention to treating your eye skin, also, it could be resulted from a lack of some vitamins or nutritions. Anyway, it would be wise for you to get adequate sleep and rest, also, try to get some eye cream that could relieve your problem. And if the problem is much too serious, just try to get some surgery.