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What are the features of hippie sunglasses?

My friend told me she just got a pair of hippie sunglasses. What are the features of hippie sunglasses?
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  • Geoff


    Hippie sunglasses are pretty small and the frames of hippie sunglasses are often made of wire rather than thick plastic. Therefore this kind of sunglasses are fairly lightweight. They have brightly colored lenses and the darker gray and amber lenses are also available. People who have small faces can benefit from hippie sunglasses because they can go well with their facial features. If you love the style of hippie sunglasses, you can go to the optical store to try them on.
  • Alexa murphy


    Hippie sunglasses are square sunglasses that popular among Hippies. But those square hippie sunglasses are really "hip" in recently years. And most of hippie sunglasses now are made with bright colored lenses aside from darker grey or amber lenses. Besides, apart from big squared sunglasses, hippie sunglasses also pretty small. You can choose one suitable hippie sunglasses according to proportion and interest for your facial features.

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