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Does your eye color change when you go blind?

I just want to know if people with blindness have the same eye color as normal people? Or the eye color will change if people go blind?
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  • estranged_soul


    Color change does not happen to all blind people. Blind people who remain their original eye color are very common. For people born with blindness caused by corneal opacity, their eye color may be white or grey. If the blindness is caused by cornea changing, the eye color will turn to cloudy white. Blindness from cataracts can give the eyes a milky color. However, in this case, the eye color does not really change. It is the milky cloak that makes your eyes look milky. The Scarring from Retinal detachment will change eye color by depriving of color black. If the blindness is due to injuries such as burning and poking, the eye color does not change.
  • Derek T.


    The answer is sometimes. If a person go blind for cataracts, his eyes may be blocked with milky fibrin which cause their eyes to turn grey. What's worse, eyeballs wither after being blind for long time, triggering discoloration in their eyes. If a person is born with blindness, his eyes may be grey, white or opaque.
  • Jeff N


    The color of eyes are genetic and vary from people to people. Generally speaking, people who are born blind doesn't mean they don't have eyes balls. The eye color of someone with blindness is usually White, Grey or Pale. Most blind people have normal looking eyes and remain their original color of eyes when they go blind. Eye color does not change when a person becomes blind. The colors of eyes could only change in case there is a defect in pigmentation and sometimes after trauma when the iris becomes atrophied, which means being dead. Some iris color change is usually noticed with age and also with some medication like anti-glaucoma drugs. In addition, there may be a hazy color of grayish-blue for the eyes of blind people. It also depends on the causes that lead to their blindness, if they were not born blind.
  • Zoe Wang


    Eye color is determined by the color of the iris. This is in turn dependent on multiple genes and can vary a lot. A person can be blind born due to a number of diseases and can have a variety of iris colors. There are some diseases that have a predisposition to a specific iris color but not always.

    So, the eye color can be any color in people who are born blind as in normal people.

    People who are born blind due to corneal opacity will have white / opaque or grey eyes.

    Eye color doesn't change if a person becomes blind.
    It can change in cases where there's a defect in pigmentation and sometimes after trauma when the iris becomes atrophied (dead). Some iris color change is noticed with age and also with some medication like anti-glaucoma drugs.
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  • not saying it


    if u become blind it stays the eye color is blue if i was blind it would be blue still.if i was born blind i would have grey,white or pale.
  • Zoe may


    Personally I think that the eye clor will not change if a person go blind. The color of you eye is the color of your iris as seen through the cornea. The change in your eye color is either cause by a change in the color of the iris or the clarity of the cornea. Perception of eye color is often variable with the observer. Some might call one pair of eyes green and another may say hazel or blue. Rarely external factors such is the color of the light in the room can confuse patients that their eye color is changed.The cornea is a clear dome over the front of the eye that is usually quite clear as a youth. With aging or high blood lipid levels its clarity may change causing a cloudy appearance that the patient or observer may call "gray." Hence a brown or blue eye may turn gray. A scarred or swollen cornea also has a gray appearance. The color of the iris behind an abnormal cornea is not changed.Iris color rarely changes. Iris inflammation, atrophy, tumors, abnormal blood vessels or surgery can change the iris appearance. Some glaucoma drops can change iris color. Anytime the appearance of an eye changes, it should be examined by an eye doctor. It is always better to be safe.

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