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Are there sunglasses with prescription?

I love all kinds of sunglasses and I always want to wear them when it is hot outside. However, I am nearsighted so I have to wear prescription glasses. Are there sunglasses with prescription?
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    Yes. You can order sunglasses with prescription lenses. Today, many eyeglasses offer sunglasses with prescription lenses. But they are more expensive than non-prescription lenses. Besides, usually, wrap around sunglasses are not recommend to make high prescription lenses. Commonly, people over -/+6,00 prescription are suggested to take prescription lenses. If your nearsightedness are not serious that lower -6,00, you can get sunglasses with prescription.So, Just consult an optician. However, if you have really heave nearsightedness, you can turn help to magnetic clip on eyeglasses. Or you can buy common prescription eyeglasses, and then add tint and UV coating to the lenses. Good luck.
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    Regarding to your problem, you can get your prescription sunglasses. Moreover, you also can get your normal prescription eyeglasses tinted as prescription sunglasses. Beside, you can get a clip-on prescription sunglasses. All these can be found at Hope this helpful.
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