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How can eye strain be prevented?

I really think eye strain bothers people a lot,can' t it be prevented?
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  • duncan


    Eye strain is a very common condition that can cause tired eyes, burning eyes and even itching eyes. And eye strain often caused by amounts of reading on computer/cellphone/books. The only thing you can do to prevent eye strain is to take a rest now and then when you doing some work or reading. It is suggested that people shall take a break at every hour so as to keep eye health. Besides, blink more can also help keep eyes moist and release tired.
  • Makayla raphael


    Usually, people who reading too much or working with computer are often suffered from eye strain. To prevent it, you just need take care of your eyes, for example, blinking your eyes constantly and drinking more water can help you release your eyes. Besides, if your eye strain are caused by computer screen, you can adjust your computer settings. And change lighting to reduce glare and harsh reflections. Also, you still need take break every hour after you work with the computers. Hope this can help you.

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