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Larry S


Can I have pink eye without discharge?

I seem to get pink eyes these days, but I still have to work every day. Do you guys know if I can have a pink eye without eye discharge?PLEASE!
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  • Sean


    Pink eyes are also called Conjunctivitis. And there are many types of pink eyes. And different types of pink eyes vary from their symptoms. Usually, Viral conjunctivitis and bacterial conjunctivitis can cause eye discharges. Allergic conjunctivitis, and eye drop conjunctivitis as well as herpes simplex conjunctivitis won't cause eye discharges. So, whether you can have pink eyes without discharge or not depend on what type of pink eyes you suffered from. In fact, pink eyes are contagious, if you really got pink eyes, you'd better stay at home till it recover.
  • epyon_rebirth


    The question are so strange. Now that you got pink eyes, you shall know whether you have eye discharge or not. Although not all people with pink eyes have eye discharge, but some of them will suffered from it. If you don't get discharge right now, you are free from discharge. If you get discharge now, just try to stop it. That is to say, you shall try to cure your pink eyes in some way such as getting some prescribed eye drops to your eyes.