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Is it possible to wear reading glasses over contact lenses?

I wonder if I can get contacts for regular vision like driving then get reading glasses adjusted based on my contact prescription so that I could still use them with my contacts in.
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  • enigma_g


    Of course you can do if you need. However, that is quite inconvenient because when you want to see distant, you must take off your reading glasses, or your vision will be blurry.There is another option that you can have one lens for distant and the other lens for reading, which allow you see distant and read at the same time. This way is more convenient than that you wear reading glasses over contact lenses.
  • caffienefeen


    Yes, it is possible. You only need to have your contact lenses made into single vision for far distance vision. Then you can wear reading glasses while wearing contact inside. But why don't you choose bifocal contact with the upper part for far distance and the lower part for reading, so that you don't need to wear additional eyeglasses outside of your eyes.
  • cook


    I think you are meaning the "prescription stacking".It may be not practicable and inconvenient.What would you do if you need to see things far away?Take off your reading glasses? The contacts are not enough to correct your vision obviously.

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