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Can I get bifocal prescription contacts?

I used to wear bifocal glasses,but I wonder if the bifocal is availabe in contacts.
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  • miguel gaytan


    Yes, bifocals are available in contacts too. If you have already adapted to bifocal eyeglass lenses and if you have the experience of wearing contact lenses, you are a good candidate for bifocal contacts. But if you haven't worn any contact lenses before, you should go to your eye doctor to check if you are eligible for contact lenses.
  • Angela tuener


    Yeah. Bifocal contact lenses are available to you.This kind of contacts have two different prescriptions in the same lens.Just like bifocal glasses, they have one prescription strength on the top part of the lens that you can view distant and another prescription on the bottom part of lens that you can focus on near objects. Before you get bifocal prescription contacts, you should have the eye doctor check your eyes to see whether you can wear bifocal prescription contacts.
  • Edward White


    Yes,bifocal contacts can be got in most optical stores and online stores.But before you wear them,you need to have an eye exam to determine whether you are a good candidate for contacts.It is responsible for your eye health.
  • Jack Kevin


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