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Why I get a headache when wearing bifocal glasses?

I used to wear glasses but the doctor said I needed bifocals so I wear them everyday. I feel difficulty getting focused and feell dizzy with my new glasses. But I can see clearly through them.What the problem can be?
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  • Hunter


    Maybe it is because you haven't get used to bifocals and you didn't use it in the proper way. Here are some tips for wearing bifocal glasses. 1. Wear your bifocals for short periods of time when you first get them. Increase the time by an hour or two each day to give your eyes and brain time to adjust. 2. Learn how to position your head properly so that your eyes will automatically be looking through the proper segment of the lens. 3. Remember that because the lower portion of bifocal glasses magnifies the image, things will appear slightly closer to you than they really are. 4. Go back to your optician for a re-check if you have been wearing your bifocals for several weeks and are still not used to them. They may not be the correct prescription for you.
  • Chelsey


    It is hard to get used to bifocals soon, so it is normal that you get headache when you start to wear bifocal glasses.Getting used to bifocal glasses takes time,so you may get used to them day by day. If you want to get used to them as soon as possible, you'd better not wear them for a long time in the beginning, or you will get headache. You shoud wear them just for a short time and increase the amount of time day by day.
  • Diane Rhone


    Make sure the prescription is correct.Maybe you are not get used to them.Try to increase the time of wearing them gradually and you may get used to them soon.