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Can anemia cause yellow eyes?

I have anemia. But in recent days, i noticed that my eyes appear yellow, but it should be white. Why? Can anemia cause yellow eyes?
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  • Christina nelson


    When your eyes color becomes to change, you should take great notice because there may be some problems for your body health. Your anemia may cause the yellow eyes. When you have the anemia, your eyes may have the weak immune system which will get the bacterium in the eyes. You should treat your yellow eyes carefully through the medicine and other things. You could also find time to check on your liver which could also cause the yellow eyes.
  • Adam


    Well, yes, anemia can lead to yellow eyes in some degree. Generally speaking, anemia is a blood disorder which occurs when there are no enough red blood cells in the body. And nutritional deficiency or difficulty processing iron, sudden or chronic blood loss, can cause it too. When anemia occurs, it can affect your eyes, leading to a lot of eye problems, such as yellow eyes. Also, itchy eyes, eye bags can be caused too. By the way, it can lead to dark circles under your eyes too. So you should take some measures to treat it.
  • easilymused


    Normally speaking, anemia won't cause the white of eyes become yellow. Anemia refers to the lower red blood cell count or hemoglobin than common people, resulted from decreased production or increased loss of red blood cell or hemoglobin. Anemia usually makes people weak and pale. Most of the anemia patients are very easy to get tired, with racing hearts. Hair loss or worse heart problem is rare but possible. So far according to my knowledge, anemia won't make the white of eyes yellowish. I happened to have this symptom once, which was very impressive to me. I was a little kid that time and had high temperature again and again without exact known reason. One day my doctor found my eyes were yellow, she asked me to have the blood test, and found out that I have acute icteric hepatitis. I spent over 1 month in hospital to heal up. The yellow color appears due to jaundice from a buildup of bilirubin in blood. Bilirubin is yellow colored pigment which is produced by the breakdown of old red blood cells. Normally it is processed by liver and then sent into intestine in bile. Usually for children as well as adults, yellow eyes and jaundice of skin indicate serious disease or condition of liver damage or dysfunction or bile ducts blocked. I suggest you to visit your doctor for prompt medical treatment.