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Miranda hall


Why does my eye socket hurt?

I feel my eye socket hurts. What causes it? Any suggestion to reduce the pain?
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  • Jocelyn


    The hurt of the eye socket can be related with the eye nerves which needs your great attention. You could have the good rest for the eyes by having the good sleep. You could also intake the oryzanol to make your eyes feel comfortable. You could use the warm compress at home to make your eyes feel comfortable, too.
  • walkingalone00


    OK, from what I can see, you have got some problems. Anyway, as you can see, eye socket pain could be a symptom of pressured eyeballs, which has something to do with sinus infection, an eye strain, or some other pathological changes with your eyeballs. So, you had better first try to examine your eyes and your body to figure out the causes. Also, try to get proper rest and make good use of your eyes.
  • Stacy


    As far as I know, there are two reasons why you will feel your eye socket hurt. On one hand, the hurt of the eye socket is from that your muscle around your eyes is stretched because you are trying to make your eyes limit. If so, you need not see any doctor, what you should do is just relax you and your eyes. Meanwhile, you can also do some eye exercise. On the other hand, if your eyes are irritated, there is much possibility that you will experience the pain for the eye socket. On this condition, if the irritated eyes are not so serious, then you can handle with it by yourself. For example, you can have a try with the warm compresses, which will help you reduce the pain. Besides, the pain can be released by the frequent artificial tears during the day. Of course, if there is no improvement, you had better see your eye doctor.