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Can I wear round rimless glasses with strong prescription?

I have -6.00 in the left eye and -6.50 in the right. Can I still wear round rimless glasses? Will that be too thick?
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  • erickie6


    Of course you can. Your glasses lenses will look too thick if you choose regular lenses, like plastic or glass, which might affect your appearance. However, there is another kind of lens material that can make your eyeglasses lens thinner if you have strong prescription. It is called high index lens. If you choose high index lens, the stronger your prescription is and the thinner the lens will be. You prescription is so strong, I suggest you get high index lens of 1.70 which will make your eyeglasses lenses thinner even if you wear round rimless glasses.
  • bell


    Yes. you can wear round rimless glasses. But you shall buy high index lenses such as Ultra thin index 1.67 lenses or As thin as possible index 1.74 lenses so as to make your prescription lenses look not too thick for round rimless glasses frames. Commonly, the strong prescription lenses have thick edges that make it hard to make rimless glasses. and it looks ugly. According to your prescription, If you choose common eyeglasses lenses, you will get thick lenses that not recommend for round rimless glasses frames. So you'd better buy index 1.74 lenses for thin lenses so as to fill it into round rimless glasses frames.

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