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Can coughing cause retinal detachment?

I have read that when you sneeze or coughing, eye pressure may rise, which can lead to retinal detachment. Is that true?
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  • edward


    As is known to all, retinal detachment is often associated with a common age-related change to the eye called posterior vitreous detachment. In posterior vitreous detachment, the gel-like material that fills the back of your eye begins to congeal and pull away from the retina Yes,when your coughing is extreme and consistent for a long duration of time.,this tends to put excessive pressure on the retina, thus possibly leading to a tear or,you'd better be careful cough.
  • green


    If you have very serious myopia, you must be careful when you coughing. If you cough extreme and consistent for a long duration of time, it will tend to higher your eye pressure on the retina. If so, it will be dangerous that you may tearing or getting retinal detachment. So, if you in this condition, you shall try to control coughing and take measure to treat it immediately.
  • Vivian


    There are rare cases that cause retinal detachment your description. Actually, retinal detachment is hardly resulted from coughing, even serious coughing. Perhaps there are other reasons leading to that problem. So, my advice for you on this is to visit a doctor in a big hospital in time, taking eye exams and find out the solutions. Wish you successful recovery from that.