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Can head trauma cause eye problems?

Is it possible to lead to eye problems because of head trauma? How can i get rid of it?
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  • handsdown9871


    Well, yes, head trauma can lead to eye problems. And generally speaking, eye and vision problems are fairly common after a brain injury. According to some doctors, even mild head injuries, such as whiplash from a minor auto accident, can cause vision problems. For example, you may have trouble focusing your eyes when switching your gaze between near and far objects. Also, double vision can occur too. By the way, after relatively minor trauma, people can also experience headaches or sensitivity to light, and words on a page may appear to move. Besides, retinal detachment may occur too. So if you have suffered a head injury, it's important to see a doctor who can make sure that your eyes and brain are still working properly, or there will be no vision problems that could show up later.
  • leigh sehr


    Sometimes head trauma including some head concussion could give rise to our vision problems, because that directly affect our nerves and visual system, which could leave great damage to our eyes and vision. If you got some problems, you must be very careful, try to get some professional treatment and pay attention to your use of eyes, your diet and your living habits.
  • Shavonda D


    Yes, it is possible for you who have the head trauma to have the eye problems. As we know, it is the brain that controls the part of the eyes nerves. When you have the head problems, your eye nerves will be affected. You'd better treat the head problems first. Then your eyes problems will disappear with the right treatment.

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